ГК «Автодор» поддержит Транспортную неделю-2022 в статусе «Партнер делового формата»

"Russian Highways" State Company will take part in the Transport Week-2022 as a Forum Session Partner


«Russian Highways» State Company whose mission is to provide fast, safe and comfortable travel for all highway users, as well as linking regions, taking care of the environment and reducing state costs will support the Transport Week-2022 as a Forum Session Partner.

«Russian Highways» State Company was established in order to build and develop a national high-speed highways infrastructure and attract private investment in the road sector, to promote new markets and economic activities in the Russian Federation.

There are more than 4091 km of high-speed highways under trust management: M-1 «Belarus», M-3 «Ukraine», M-4 «Don», M-11 «Neva», A-113 Central Ring Road, A-105 access road from Moscow to Domodedovo airport, A-107 Moscow Small Ring Road. A project for the construction of the new M-12 Moscow-Kazan highway is currently running. The length of toll sections is 1,953 km.

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