Итоги первого дня работы Форума и Выставки «Транспорт России»

Results of the First Day of the Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”


On November 15, the 16th International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia” started at Gostiny Dvor — these are the key events of the year in transport industry which define the development of the entire transport complex of the country. All open business activities can be watched at the web-site of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and at the official web-site of the Transport Week.

The Forum program includes three main blocks: Strategy, Transportation and Infrastructure, International Transport Corridors. The issues of overcoming the sanctions pressure, import substitution and technological sovereignty of Russian transport take special place in the agenda.

Strategy is the topic for the first day. The business program was opened with the plenary discussion involving the heads of the Government of the Russian Federation and called “Transport of Russia. Growth Strategy in the New Conditions”. The main areas of the discussion were rerouting of cargo flows, expansion of transport infrastructure, digitalization projects, and transport machine building. The Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Vitaly Savelyev, highlighted special role of digitalization when speaking: “Digital solutions of our companies create a completely different environment. Due to this, the entire transport landscape of the industry is changed significantly”.

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, also visited the event during its first day. He visited the Exhibition, presented state awards for the workers of the transport complex and delivered a speech. “Thanks to the decisions swiftly made by the Head of the State, the transport system was able not only to stand successfully against all the major challenges but — what is more important — to make a foundation for future growth. This is despite all the complications this year has brought”, highlighted the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Later during the first day of the Forum, the panel discussion “Container Flow in a Time of Global Shocks. Current Paths for Market Development” was held. Within the framework of the discussion, the Foundation “Center for Strategic Research” together with the Infrastructure Economics Center and the Eurasian Union of Railway Cargo Shipment Members presented the results of a study of the role of container transportation in the economics and initiated a discussion on the measures required for quickest reconstruction of logistics chains.

Also, on November 15, the Session of the Committee of the State Council of the Russian Federation, the roundtable discussion “Maintenance of Technical State of Motor Transport During the Life Cycle. Production of Vehicle Components by Recovery of Disposed Units, also with the Use of Import Substitution”, the industrial conference “Efficiency of State Support for Aviation Transport During Unprecedented Sanctions Pressure” were held, and an agreement on cooperation in education and science was signed between FSAEI HE Russian University of Transport and FSUE ZashchitaInfoTrans.

The overall area of the Exhibition “Transport of Russia” is 3900 sq m. Innovative designs are presented by 75 exhibitors, while the central place is held by the Combined Display of Priority Projects.

The Russian Znanie Society studio, partner of the event, is working on the event for the second consecutive year. The studio will be the venue for the lectures, open dialogs, and interviews with the representatives of the largest industry companies, scientists and engineers, whose achievements motivate young people for self-development and getting new knowledge.

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