Итоги второго дня Форума и Выставки «Транспорт России»

Results of the Second Day of the Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”


November 16 was the second day of the 16th International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”. 14 events concerning vast spectrum of transport issues were held during the day.

The Forum participants discussed the role of science in providing technological stability of transport, the water transport and assessment of compliance in the new conditions, and the Session of the Council of Heads of Transport Authorities of the Eurasian Economic Union Member Countries was held and the presentation of the RZD Transport Accelerator was demonstrated before noon.

Rountable discussion “Role of Science in Providing Technological Stability of Transport” covered the issues of business process management in investment and construction projects in the Russian transport complex, economic assessment of transport service and demand for cargo shipment. This is how Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Bakanov, described the role of science and technologies in the transport industry: “Technologies which could not be imagined some years ago did not just appear from nowhere. Achievements of domestic science, developments of our engineers and scientists — that is what stands behind such technologies. It is due to them that Russia is one of the countries who develop modern trains and airplanes”.

The key event for the second day of the Forum was the plenary discussion “Transport Machine Building. Cooperation Formula”. Here, the experts shared their views on the state of the Russian machine building — one of the most important and complicated topics not only in the transport industry but also in the entire national economics. They discussed in details the approaches to provision of passenger safety and the new conditions for arrangement of repair, maintenance and for admittance of equipment for operation.

“Today, we, if you will, took wing in resolving this complicated situation. Merely in 2–3 months, our engineers, our technologies allowed to readjust logistics chains, reformat conveyor operations, and by June 8 we have already started the first of the three conveyor lines”, — said the President of JSC AvtoVAZ, Maksim Sokolov.

In the afternoon, all attention was devoted to the new digital tools suggested by the state for the logistics and to the issues of the benefits of their use for the business, the issues of how the information services and technologies help the market players efficiently develop new logistics route, and to the transport safety, southern cluster, digital ecosystem for airport management.

Also, 22 agreements were signed during the second day of the “Transport of Russia”. Namely, an Agreement on international road service was signed between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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