Первый день работы Форума «Транспорт России» завершила панельная дискуссия по контейнерной логистике

The first day of the Forum “Transport of Russia” ended with a panel discussion on container logistics


Container logistics is one of the most potentially productive spheres of the transport market. It was covered during the panel discussion “Container Flow in a Time of Global Shocks. Current Paths for Market Development” which has closed the business program of the first day of the Forum.

Within the framework of the event, the Foundation “Center for Strategic Research” together with the Infrastructure Economics Center and the Eurasian Union of Railway Cargo Shipment Members presented the results of a study of the role of container transportation in the economics and initiated a discussion on the measures required for quickest reconstruction of logistics chains.

The discussion involved Executive Director of the Eurasian Union of Railway Cargo Shipment Members, Sergey Avseykov, Director General of UK Global Ports, LLC, Albert Likholet, First Vice President of PJSC TransContainer, Viktor Markov, Director General of JSC RZD Logistics, Dmitry Murev, President of JSC Eurosib SPb-Transport Systems, Dmitry Nikitin, President of the Foundation “Center for Strategic Research”, Vladislav Onishenko, Deputy Director General for Logistics of JSC Russian Post, Sergey Sergushev, and Governor of the Novosibirsk Oblast, Andrey Travnikov.

The speakers discussed how the geography of external economical activity has changed during the last months, what the logistics operators can offer to the business in the new conditions, why it is critical to count on container logistics, and what investment into container infrastructure is required in order to provide for growth of cargo shipment to the East. During the discussion, Executive Director of the Eurasian Union of Railway Cargo Shipment Members, Sergey Avseykov, stated the importance of container logistics for the Russian economics: “We think that now the containers will have the maximum specific effect for the economics in terms of development. We are ready to enter the upper level with the GDP numbers, with the numbers for fulfillment of different social tasks”.

In his turn, Director General of UK Global Ports, LLC, Albert Likholet, reminded of the prospects of the business: “After so many crises, I am positive that we as a country are stable in one thing — that we still are a land of opportunities. We have been the land of opportunities for container business for 30 years, already”.

In the end, the speakers expressed their opinions on how to balance the interests of the external economical activity participants based on the needs of the Russian economics spheres.

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